Katherine Torres KASSIA

Katherine Torres KASSIA

I want to tell my story so let's start with who I am.

My name is Katherine Torres, I am 29 years old, I am Venezuelan currently living in Miami.

I am a mother of 2 children, I am a wife, I am a person who loves being at home with family.

I am an Aesthetic Specialist graduated in Venezuela and a Skin Care Specialist graduated in Miami. I have my license as a skin care provider.

And among many things that I am, I have a very entrepreneurial spirit, I always have the idea of creating something, I always have that feeling that I can do to grow and advance.

Since I was very little I have been characterized by living more in my dreams than in my reality and for being very young it is not bad at all to be like that, until you grow up and decide if everything you are dreaming and imagining has to stay in your mind or if you're going to make it happen.

And that call to action is all I need to get on my way.

Since my adolescence I had something planned in my head and it was that at 21 years old I had to create my first business without knowing how I was going to do it, without having experience, without any strategy, but with great certainty that this was going to happen, and that They think that's how it happened.

I created my first company called Kassia in Venezuela, a beauty, a facial and body hair removal center against all odds, this project was achieved.

It was very satisfying to have done it because it gives a lot of strength to know that despite being young I realized that everything I need to fulfill myself, my goals, my projects and everything I have to do I only need a mixture of: determination, discipline, awareness and perseverance.

And although I moved and left that dream materialized, I arrived in a country that I had already visited but had never lived in, facing a new reality, a different system.

Flowing here is not complicated but rather you have to know it, and that is what I have done to be able to feel comfortable with it.

The complicated thing was being here with 2 babies, without many hands to help me with everything that needs to be done. I left my family behind to have a better future here with the family I have formed. It was exhausting those first years, I gave all my energy and concentration on my children to make them happy and it will continue to be a very important job for me to always give priority to them, but what I am going for is that in that journey of giving all my energy to my children something happened to me that apparently is very normal In my mothers it was that I lost myself by giving everything to them, something that I will never regret but I did become aware that I wanted to recover my essence and even more I wanted my children to see it, I want to show them all my potential and that their mother is capable of achieving many things, I want to show them my ability, because just as I have it, I want them to know that they also have it and that is achieved by example.

So I got to work again I started to dream, what can I do to continue being Katherine, continue being Kassia?

Studying again, creating healthy habits, giving well-being to my mind and my body, I began to organize my days, seeing what time was free and how to take advantage of them to take root again.

I have built myself again.

CREATING a new concept of work.

Kassia products.

Kassia has always been characterized by specializing in creating and designing eyebrows, it has always been my passion, creating eyebrows according to each face, because each one is unique and is not repeated.

And I want each person to know how to organize their eyebrows to their liking in their own way with practical products that they can integrate into their daily routine, because they will make their work easier.

Kassia's project is to give you the tools you need to have on-point eyebrows.

With 4 basic products, which are the basis for creating new ones.

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